OWRS wants CART to liquidate NOW!
Instead of waiting on a shareholders' vote Dec. 19, Open Wheel Racing Series (OWRS) principals Kevin Kalkhoven, Gerald Forsythe and Paul Gentilozzi are, in effect, asking the CART board of directors to liquidate the 24-year-old company and sell them certain assets -- immediately.

03 Dec 2003 by Nick

Conditions of merger might not be met
INDIANAPOLIS -- The proposed merger between Open Wheel Racing Series and CART, scheduled for a vote by stockholders on Dec. 19, might not happen under the conditions first proposed.
03 Dec 2003 by 147

It might have been quiet for a week but,
We have some interesting spyshots..
Read more about it in this forum thread - Click
29 Nov 2003 by 147

My Take on Dario
I was right once again. Honda $$$ is the big difference
19 Nov 2003 by Nick

Franchitti Signs IRL for 04!
This is for all those idiotic websites that promised he was coming back.
19 Nov 2003 by 147

McLaren confirms Montoya for 2005
Team McLaren Mercedes is pleased to announce that Colombian driver Juan Pablo Montoya (28) will join the team for the 2005 Formula One season
17 Nov 2003 by 147

ChampWeb's Silly Season
Click read more for our take on their waste of web-space silly season page.
15 Nov 2003 by 147

If CART runs out of money before the buyout happens it will declare bankruptcy and liquidate its assests. Don't get worried. These assests include the ChampCarWorldSeries - which will be bought.
14 Nov 2003 by XFT

2004 ChampCar Schedule
Click read more for the schedule
13 Nov 2003 by 147

Player's 2004 Plans
Today we heard from a contact associated with the team and Player's in Toronto. Player's will in fact stay on as a sponsor in 2004, but more as a personal sponsor for the team.
06 Nov 2003 by 147

Good Press For CART
Good Press - Click
05 Nov 2003 by 147

ISCA Financials - CART Cancelled
This thing is crazy. Basically it says the sanction fee for CART was 2.5 millon dollars! It goes onto say CART only has a cash balance 2.1M . Click read more for the whole thing. Other reports are saying that
CART only has 15 million dollars left and that ISC is threatening to sue CART for sanction fees that have already been paid
31 Oct 2003 by 147

In recent events of Fontana being cancelled, this awesome wallpaper should cheer you up. Click Read More For the Link,
29 Oct 2003 by 147